Our comments system - your thoughts please

Hi folks, so over the last few days we've been looking at our comments system. We know that it's something which is not generally liked by a lot of readers, and therefore not used.

As a bit of background, the system we use is an open source forum software called Vanilla. It's quite popular, I think How To Geek is possibly the most prolific user, but it's also used by 9to5Mac and Penny Arcade.

The way we use it is as a combined story commenting system and discussion board: when you comment on a story, a new thread appears here so you can take part in the discussion via the main website or forum.htxt.co.za. We thought that was quite clever, but it hasn't really caught on.

We'd really like to hear your thoughts about the comments system and specifically what's wrong with it. If there's something we can fix to encourage you to use it, we will. If it's terminally broken, we'll look for something else (we've avoided Disqus so far because we'd rather have an open source system. But who knows).

Anyways, we'll be collating thoughts over the next few weeks - comments welcome below or via mail, twitter, facebook etc.




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