RIP comments: will anyone miss you? -

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imageRIP comments: will anyone miss you? -

IOL News followed a number of other sites by closing its comments sections this week. Was that a mistake?

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  • Your article correctly sites the cost implication as the primary reason that IOL and other media sites have closed their comments. There is a secondary, more embarrassing, reason that these sites have opted to take this action. This is the Internet age, where many readers are well informed and will not hesitate to take the writer of an article to task for poor grammar and spelling or, even worse, a lack of research. This does not bode well for the Internet as a whole, as it can easily lead to a situation where one journalist writes a poorly researched article for a "respected" media site and another uses that article as a content source. A student researching the topic for a school project could then conceivably find both articles and believe the content to be factual, as the one corroborates the other.
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