Survey: South Africans share their opinions of #FeesMustFall -

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imageSurvey: South Africans share their opinions of #FeesMustFall -

Do you think #FeesMustFall #NationalShutDown students are justified in their demands for free higher education?

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  • Yeah how about asking ADULTS who have a sense of responsibility those questions. Don't ask the children who are protesting violently in a forum only they access. Those results are completely skewed.
  • @{Rose Cooper} 1) M4JAM is accessible to all ages and if you look at the majority of people taking the survey, they are most probably of working age, not studying at university. Some are even in theor 50s to 70s 2) Only a handful of protesters have turned violent, not all. Most of the protesters have been quite peaceful. 
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