Razer Phone revealed and it’s not terribly exciting

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imageRazer Phone revealed and it’s not terribly exciting

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  • 24-bit DAC, no headphone jack... what a waste...

  • How can you write about a product and give your opinion on it if you clearly have not even tested yet?i have watched all the reviews of the phone and everyone seems to love it . What got me is the packaging ,the attention to detail and above all else..no fckibg bloatware.The quality of the phone just seems far superior than the iphone and galaxy by lightyearz.Why did razer join the race in smartphones? Because they can ez as that.

  • The lack of information that is in this article is shocking, no mention of the quick charge 4.0+ or the fact there is a USB Type -C Audio jack converter. the fact that Razer , a gaming laptop and peripheral company made a phone that is a far-cry better than a lot of cellphone manufacturers in terms of quality and what they offer. You need to do more research into products before even trying to make an article because it doesnt look like any research on the phone.

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