A quick look at the voice of Mortal Kombat

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imageA quick look at the voice of Mortal Kombat

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  • This is WRONG.

    Firstly, I LOVE that we got to see Steve Ritchie say iconic MK phrases from behind the scenes after all these years, and the video is well edited, but the voice clips from the arcade they showed are NOT Steve Ritchie. He played both the announcer and Shao Kahn over MK2, all versions of MK3, and much later in MK Shaolin Monks.

    In the video however, the only voice clips they play are of MK1, in which Ed Boon was the first announcer. They even weirdly put Boon’s voice clips from MK1 over MK2 video clips.

    It’s just a glaring inaccuracy I wish the editor of this video took more time to look up before publishing this.

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